remote viewing

   Also known as remote sensing, remote perception, extrasensory perception, telesthesia, and travelling clairvoyance. The term remote viewing was introduced in 1974 by the American physicist and parapsychologist Harold E. Puthoff (b. 1936) and the American physicist Russell Targ (b. 1934) to denote the act of perceiving a remote or hidden object without support of the senses or any technical aids such as a radio or a computer. Puthoff and Targ's experiments with remote viewing from the 1970s through 1995 were carried out in the context of the CIA's Stargate programme, which was designed to evaluate the usefulness of this parapsychological phenomenon for intelligence purposes. The experiments were conducted under the auspices of the Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park, California. As a phenomenon, remote viewing has been described since ancient times. The resulting percepts, which may reportedly occur in any of the sensory modalities, are designated either as " telepathic, " coincidental, or " veridical hallucinations.
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