non-coincidental hallucination

non-coincidental hallucination
   A term used to denote a hallucination, usually * visual in nature, which the * hallucinator believes to coincide with an actual event (typically the dying of another person) without this being the case. The term non-coincidental hallucination is used in opposition to the term * coincidental hallucination. The German hallucinations researcher Edmund Parish (1861-1916) suggests that the majority of alleged coincidental hallucinations are really non-coincidental in nature. He explains the tendency to believe in such temporal coincidences in terms of a memory-delusion, i.e. a tendency to mould one's memory of prior hallucinations so as to connect them with a prominent event. This latter phenomenon is known as a * hallucination of memory.
   Parish, E. (1897). Hallucinations and illusions. A study ofthe fallacies ofperception. London: Walter Scott.

Dictionary of Hallucinations. . 2010.

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