output model of hallucinatory activity

   In hallucinations research, the term output model is used as a generic term for a group of explanatory models which emphasize the role of information production areas (as opposed to information reception areas) in the mediation of hallucinations. The term output model derives from a general information-processing model known as the input-output model. This model is conceptualized as a set of rules or laws describing a fixed sequence of preset operations that determine a circuit's output for any given type of input. Given the assumption that "verbal auditory hallucinations can be mediated by any part of the so-called inner voice-inner ear circuit, output models of verbal auditory hallucinatory activity emphasize the role of Broca's area (i.e. the speech production area). In this context, input models emphasize the role of Wernicke's area (i.e. the speech perception area), as well as the effect of exogenous information upon Wernicke's area.
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