phantom eye syndrome

phantom eye syndrome
   The term phantom eye syndrome is indebted to the Greek noun phantasma, which means ghost orspectre.It is used to denote a variant of *phantom limb characterized by the perceived presence, mostly of a painful nature, of an eye that is actually absent (due to enucleation, for instance). The notion of the phantom eye syndrome should not be confused with the notion of * phantom vision (which refers to a collection of visual sensations occurring in individuals who have undergone eyeball enucleation) or with the *Anton-Babinski syndrome (i.e. denial of blindness).
   Nicolodi, M., Frezzotti, R., Diadori, A., Nuti, A., Sicuteri, F. (1997). Phantom eye: Features and prevalence. The predisposing role of headache. Cephalalgia, 17, 501-504.

Dictionary of Hallucinations. . 2010.

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