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  • Phantosmia — is an olfactory hallucination specifically, the phenomenon of smelling odors that aren t really present. The most common odors are unpleasant smells such as rotting flesh, vomit, urine, feces, smoke, etc. Phantosmia often results from damage to… …   Wikipedia

  • phantosmia — noun A medical condition in which olfactory hallucinations. A form of parosmia in which the perceived smell is caused apparently randomly rather than by a different smell …   Wiktionary

  • phantosmia — phan·tos·mia (fant ozґme ə) [Gr. phantasia imagination + osm 1 + ia] a parosmia consisting of a sensation of smell in the absence of any external stimulus …   Medical dictionary

  • Hallucination — For other uses, see Hallucination (disambiguation). Hallucination Classification and external resources My eyes at the moment of the apparitions by August Natterer …   Wikipedia

  • Disability — Disabled redirects here. For the poem by Wilfred Owen, see Disabled (poem). Disabilities redirects here. For the Middle Age restrictions, see Disabilities (Jewish). Disability …   Wikipedia

  • Olfaction — Human olfactory system. 1: Olfactory bulb 2: Mitral cells 3: Bone 4: Nasal epithelium 5: Glomerulus (olfaction) 6: Olfactory receptor cells Olfaction (also known as olfactics; adjectival form: olfactory ) is the sense of smell. This sense is… …   Wikipedia

  • Parosmia — SignSymptom infobox Name = Parosmia ICD10 = ICD10|R|43|1|r|40 ICD9 = ICD9|781.1 Parosmia is a distorted sense of olfaction, often resulting in phantom, non existent, and mostly unpleasant, smells.Parosmia is a disorder of sense of smell when an… …   Wikipedia

  • Aura (symptom) — For other uses, see Aura (disambiguation). Migraine with aura (classical migraine) Classification and external resources ICD 10 G43.1 ICD 9 …   Wikipedia

  • chemosensory disorders —    Also known as chemosensory deficits and disorders of taste and smell. Traditionally, the group of chemosensory disorders is divided into six broad categories of taste disorders and five categories of smell disorders. The group of taste… …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

  • olfactory hallucination —    Also known as phantosmia, phantom smell, and hallucination of smell. The term olfactory hallucination is indebted to the Latin verb ol(e)facere, which means to smell. Using source localization as a guiding principle, olfactory hallucinations… …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

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