phonemic hallucination

phonemic hallucination
   Also known as phoneme. Both terms are indebted to the Greek noun phonème,which means voice or sound. In the 1982 Manual for the Assessment and Documentation ofPsy-chopathology (AMDP) the term phonemic hallucination features as a synonym of the term * verbal hallucination. The AMDP defines verbal (phonemic) hallucinations as follows: "Perception of human voices without external stimuli. Voices of humanoids are also included, e.g., God, Satan, spacemen, leprechauns. There are different degrees of clarity and substance to the voices. The voices may speak directly to the patient or may be experienced (overheard) as conversations between third persons. It is sometimes difficult to differentiate phonemes from... 'Thought Insertion'."
   Berrios, G.E. (1985). Hallucinosis.In: Neu-robehavioural disorders. Edited by Frederiks, J.A.M. Amsterdam: Elsevier Science Publications.
   Guy, W., Ban, T.A., eds. (1982). The AMDP- system: Manual for the assessment and documentation of Psychopathology. Berlin: Springer.

Dictionary of Hallucinations. . 2010.

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