see algopsychalia.

Dictionary of Hallucinations. . 2010.

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  • phrenalgia — noun psychalgia; non physical pain …   Wiktionary

  • phrenalgia — 1. SYN: psychalgia (1). 2. Pain in the diaphragm. [phren + G. algos, pain] * * * phre·nal·gia (fre nalґjə) [phren + algia] pain in the diaphragm; called also diaphragmalgia and phrenodynia …   Medical dictionary

  • diaphragmalgia — Rarely used term for a pain in the diaphragm. SYN: diaphragmodynia. [diaphragm + G. algos, pain] * * * di·a·phrag·mal·gia (di″ə frag malґjə) phrenalgia …   Medical dictionary

  • psychalgia — 1. Distress attending a mental effort, noted especially in melancholia. SYN: phrenalgia (1), psychalgalia. 2. SYN: psychogenic pain. [psych + G. algos, pain] * * * psy·chal·gia sī kal j(ē )ə …   Medical dictionary

  • algopsychalia —    Also known as psychalgia, phrenalgia, mind pain, soul pain, psychic pain, and psychogenic pain. The term algopsychalia comes from the Greek words algos (pain) and psuchè (life breath, spirit, soul, mind). It translates loosely as mental pain …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

  • phrenodynia — phreno·dyn·ia (fren″o dinґe ə) [phreno + odynia] phrenalgia …   Medical dictionary

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