Purkinje figure

Purkinje figure
   Also known as Purkyne figure. Both eponyms refer to the Bohemian physiologist Johannes Evangelista Purkyne (1787-1869). They are used to denote an "entoptic phenomenon consisting of a black, tree-like structure that can be made visible under physiological circumstances by shining light onto the eyeball, preferably in a darkened room, at an oblique angle, through a pinhole held close to the cornea. The mediation of the Purkinje figure is attributed to the effects of the network of blood vessels overlying the retina. The Purkinje figure should not be confused with the notions of "dendropsia, "Purkinje afterimage, " Purkinje effect, " Purkinje phenomenon, and " Purkinje's colour.
   Purkinje, J.E. (1819). Beobachtungen undVersuche zur Physiolgie der Sinne: Beiträge zur Kennt-niss des Sehens in subjectiver Hinsicht. Prague: Calve.

Dictionary of Hallucinations. . 2010.

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