see inner speech.

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  • self-talk — (SELF.tawk) n. Words or phrases said to oneself, especially for therapeutic or motivational reasons. Example Citation: For any age, she said, self talk represents a useful tool in staying focused. A positive statement to oneself during a game,… …   New words

  • self-talk — noun A loud or silent talk to oneself …   Wiktionary

  • self-tracker — n. A person who uses websites or other technologies to meticulously track various aspects of his or her body, mental state, and activities. self tracking pp. Example Citations: The Internet had long ago turned navel gazing into an international… …   New words

  • Self-fulfilling prophecy — Sociology …   Wikipedia

  • self-handicapping — pp. Hindering one s own performance in order to have an excuse for failing; offering excuses for a poor performance before one has even attempted the task. self handicap v. self handicapper n. Example Citation: At Indiana University, sociologist… …   New words

  • Self-enquiry — (also spelled self inquiry) (Sanskrit IAST|ātma vicāra ) is a practice of meditation designed to rapidly bring about Self realization, Self awareness, spiritual liberation or enlightenment, and is most commonly associated with its most famous… …   Wikipedia

  • Self-incrimination — is the act of accusing oneself of a crime for which a person can then be prosecuted. Self incrimination can occur either directly or indirectly: directly, by means of interrogation where information of a self incriminatory nature is disclosed;… …   Wikipedia

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  • Self-verifying theories — are consistent first order systems of arithmetic much weaker than Peano arithmetic that are capable of proving their own consistency. Dan Willard was the first to investigate their properties, and he has described a family of such systems.… …   Wikipedia

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