see autotopagnosia.

Dictionary of Hallucinations. . 2010.

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  • somatotopagnosia — so·ma·to·top·ag·no·sia (so″mə to tōp″ag noґzhə) [somato + top + agnosia] autotopagnosia …   Medical dictionary

  • Autotopagnosia — is agnosia that affects the sense of posture. It is characterized by an inability to localize and orient different parts of the body. Autotopagnosia s cause is usually a lesion in the non dominant parietal lobe or damage to the posterior thalamic …   Wikipedia

  • autotopagnosia — Inability to recognize or to orient any part of one s own body; caused by a parietal lobe lesion. Cf.:somatotopagnosis. [auto + G. topos, place, + G. a priv. + gnosis] * * * au·to·top·ag·no·sia .ȯt ō .täp ig nō zhə n loss of the power to… …   Medical dictionary

  • autotopagnosia —    Also known as autotopoagnosia and somatotopagnosia. The term autotopagnosia comes from the Greek words autos (self), topos (place), a (not), and gnosis (insight). It translates loosely as not being able to recognize a body part of oneself .… …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

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