sun illusion

   The term Sun illusion is used to denote the apparent increase in the size of the Sun as observed above the horizon, in comparison with the way it appears in the zenith. The Sun illusion, which is commonly classified as a * celestial illusion, has been known and described since ancient times. It is traditionally considered a type of *physical illusion, i.e. an illusion based on the physical properties of the Sun itself and/or the intervening atmosphere. Although today most experts hold that this is not correct, it is still uncertain whether the Sun illusion should be regarded as a *physiological illusion, a * cognitive illusion, or -most probably - a combination of the two. The term Sun illusion is used in opposition to the term *Moon illusion. For a more detailed account of celestial illusions, see the entry Moon illusion.
   Ross, H., Plug, C. (2002). The mystery of themoon illusion. Exploring size perception. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Dictionary of Hallucinations. . 2010.

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