visual imagery

visual imagery
   see imagery.

Dictionary of Hallucinations. . 2010.

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  • Vividness of Visual Imagery Questionnaire (VVIQ) — The Vividness of Visual Imagery Questionnaire (VVIQ) was published in 1973 by the British psychologist David Marks (Marks, 1973). The VVIQ consists of 16 items in four groups of 4 items in which the participant is invited to consider the image… …   Wikipedia

  • dimensions of visual imagery —    A term introduced during the early 1970s by the American psychopharmacologists Ronald K. Siegel and Murray E. Jarvik to denote a classification of the phenomenological characteristics of *cannabis induced visual imagery. More specifically,… …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

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  • Visual music — Visual music, sometimes called colour music, refers to the use of musical structures in visual imagery, which can also include silent films or silent Lumia work. It also refers to methods or devices which can translate sounds or music into a… …   Wikipedia

  • Visual memory — Close up of the human eye, where vision begins. Visual memory describes the relationship between perceptual processing and the encoding, storage and retrieval of the resulting neural representations. Visual memory occurs over a broad time range… …   Wikipedia

  • imagery — noun ADJECTIVE ▪ evocative, graphic, powerful, stark, violent, vivid ▪ the vivid visual imagery of dreams ▪ negative …   Collocations dictionary

  • imagery —    Also known as visual imagery. The term imagery comes from the Latin verb imaginari,which means to copy, to imitate, to picture. It tends to be used in a rather loose sense to denote a recollection or fantasy presenting itself as a picture in… …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

  • visual snow —    Also known as aeropsia. Both terms refer to a * simple visual hallucination depicting televisionlike static. Visual snow may be either transient or permanent, and it may affect either the whole visual field, or one or more parts of it. In… …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

  • imagery — im|ag|e|ry [ˈımıdʒəri] n [U] the use of words or pictures to describe ideas or actions in poems, books, films etc imagery of ▪ the imagery of love ▪ Their dreams commonly involved complex stories with visual imagery …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • Visual effects — (commonly shortened to Visual F/X or VFX) are the various processes by which imagery is created and/or manipulated outside the context of a live action shoot. Visual effects often involve the integration of live action footage and computer… …   Wikipedia

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