Haidinger's brush

Haidinger's brush
   Also known as Haidinger brushes, Haidinger's brushes, and Haidinger's polarization brushes. All four eponyms refer to the Austrian physicist, geologist, and mineralogist Wilhelm Karl Ritter von Haidinger (1795-1871), who has been credited with being the first to describe the concomitant phenomenon in 1844. Haidinger's brush is generally classified as an *entoptic phenomenon. It consists of a yellowish horizontal
   Haidinger, W. (1844). Ueber das directe Erkennen des polarisirten Lichts und der Lage der Polarisationsebene. Annalen der Physik, 139, 29-39.
   Lynch, D.K., Livingston, W. (1995). Color and light in nature. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
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