The term idiophany comes from the Greek words idios (private, one's own) and phainestai (to appear). It was proposed in or shortly before 1983 by the Canadian-American psychiatrist Ian Pretyman Stevenson (1918-2007) as an umbrella term for all unshared sensory experiences. Stevenson's proposal stemmed from his dissatisfaction with the practice to designate both pathological and claimed paranormal unshared sensory experiences as hallucinations. As a corollary of this proposal, Stevenson prefers to reserve the term hallucination exclusively for unshared sensory experiences occurring in the mentally ill.
   Stevenson, I. (1983). Do we need a word to supplement "hallucination"? American Journal of Psychiatry, 140, 1609-1611.

Dictionary of Hallucinations. . 2010.

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