induced hallucination

induced hallucination

Dictionary of Hallucinations. . 2010.

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  • hypnotically induced hallucination —    Also referred to as hypnotic hallucination and induced hallucination. The first two terms refer to the notion of hypnosis, which is in turn indebted to the Greek noun hupnos (sleep). The term hypnotically induced hallucination is used to… …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

  • photically induced hallucination —    Also known as flicker induced hallucination, hallucinatory flicker induced experiences, and Purkinje s colours. All four terms are used to denote a type of *geometric visual hallucination induced by a flickering light, such as that produced by …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

  • television-induced hallucination —    The notion of television induced hallucination refers to a type of hallucination uniquely provoked by television viewing. This type of hallucination is believed to be extremely rare. The first case report of hallucinations co occurring with… …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

  • drug-induced hallucination —    Also known as psychedelic hallucination. Both terms are used to denote a hallucination occurring after the use of a psychoactive substance. The British anthropologist Richard Rudgley (b. 1961) defines psychoactive substances as those that… …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

  • opioid-induced hallucination —    Also referred to as narcotic hallucinosis. The term opioid induced hallucination is indebted to the Greek noun opion, which refers to the sap of a plant or, more specifically, the resin of the opium poppy. The term opioid is used to denote a… …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

  • marihuana-induced hallucination —    Marihuana is also written as marijuana. The origin of the name is unknown. It would seem to be of Mexican Spanish origin, and it may have derived from the names Maria and Juana. An early corruption in the English language is the term Mary… …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

  • flicker-induced hallucination —    see photically induced hallucination …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

  • heroin-induced hallucination —    see opioid induced hallucination …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

  • khat-induced hallucination —    see qat induced hallucination …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

  • qat-induced hallucination —    The name qat is also spelled as quat, khat, chat, cat, kat, and kaht. All names stem from qat, which is the Arabic name for Catha edulis Forskall, an evergreen shrub indigenous to northeast African countries and the Arabic peninsula, where it… …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

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